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Because of my poor vision, while in elementary school  I had to push my desk as close to the chalkboard as I could just to be able to see to read what was directly in front of me.  Anything too far to the left or right, or too high, I still couldn't see to read.  I was a timid child.  Moving my desk for all those years was a daily embarrassment.  Children can be mean at times, but no child ever made fun of me.  One adult, however, did.          


One day while in grade 5, our regular teacher left school early.  Another teacher who didn't know me entered the classroom and saw me sitting close to the chalkboard and assumed I was being punished for bad behaviour.  When asked why I was sitting so close to the chalkboard, I told him I couldn't see well.  He didn't believe me and so he pretended to be blind.  He stumbled his way to the chalkboard and felt it with his hands as if to feel his way around the room.  With his nose an inch or two from the chalkboard, the class broke out in hysteric laughter.  It was quite the comedy sketch, but for me, at the age of 10, it wasn't funny.  I was totally humiliated.  Without an apology, the teacher turned his attention to other things. That evening he provided an apology to my dad after experiencing the wrath of my dad on the phone.  I'd call this humiliation a form of bullying.   


The American media, and especially CNN, has spent considerable news time covering gay teenagers being bullied.  CNN appears to have great compassion for these teens, as we all should. The coverage has produced lots of heart felt emotion for these kids.  A sense of sadness for the teenagers and disgust for the bullies created by the media exposure is motivating  some to demand change.  In the present atmosphere of socialism, governments will attempt to legislate bullies to change their behaviour. 


I wish I had been in CNN's editing room when they decided to make this subject a major news story.  I wonder if the same compassion displayed on television was evident in the editing room.  Somehow I think compassion might not have been the motivating factor behind their decision to air these stories.   


Both Christians and non-Christians agree that bullying gay teenagers is wrong.  In this moment of  agreement governments will attempt to pass legislation to end the bullying.  The legislation will define bullying to be an act of hatred, making it a criminal offense.  Further defining will take place in a court of law when people are charged with some kind of hate crime.  In light of this I quote from Romans 1:26 and 27.  "Because of this God gave them over to shameful lusts.  Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones.  In the same way men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another.  Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion." 


Although I have no hatred towards gays, by merely writing these verses, I will have committed, or already have committed, an act of hatred.  If I wasn't already a criminal, I'm either on my way to being one, or I am one now. 


Many of us have been bullied in the past.  Some of us have been bullied because of our faith in Jesus, although the news media isn't covering such forms of bullying.  I wonder why?  As each day passes, Christians lose more freedom to express their religion as we're taught in the Bible.  Government that was to be separate from the church in order to protect its freedoms is now interfering with the church and limiting its freedom of expression. 


I wish Larry King could interview Thomas Jefferson on this matter.  He would certainly tell us what he really had in mind when he coined the phrase "separation of church and state".  I would imagine many Americans would strongly oppose the explanation from one of their most beloved presidents. 


The first generation church survived a dictatorial system of government, the likes of which has not been seen as yet in our western democracies.  I say they survived, albeit in many cases survival was in prison chains.  Talking about "separating" church and state, these prison chains "separated" the sheep from the goats in the church back then, and it will do the same when we in the western world lose our freedoms.  We may end up with a church without stain or wrinkle after-all. (Ephesians 5:27)    



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