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Have you ever wondered how the Lord feels when we complain?  Well, there's one little verse tucked away in part of the Bible that most of us don't read.  Sometimes you discover some real gems of truth hidden in those hard to read passages.  Way back in Numbers 11:20 God makes it clear how He feels about His people complaining. 


Yahweh Elohim, the God of Israel, supernaturally deliveredIsrael from slavery in Egypt and provided miraculous manna for them to eat on their way to the promised land.  Israel became discontented with this miracle food.  They wanted to eat meat, so they went on a complaining binge as seen in Numbers 11.      


When we complain, we demonstrate discontent, which I think shows a lack of trust in the Lord Jesus.  If we trusted Jesus more, we'd be more content, and complain less.  The apostle Paul learned to be content in every situation, whether good or bad (Philippians 4:11).  If anyone had reason to complain it would have been Paul.  He spent lots of time in prison.  He experienced ship wrecks, a stoning, famine, and much more.  He never  complained about what came his way because no matter what happened to him, he had trusted his life with Jesus.  If we trusted Jesus for the thing we complain about, I don't think we'd complain either.  That's how I think.  The question is, "how does God think about this"?     


Since Israel complained so much about not having meat to eat, God gave them all the meat they could stuff into their mouths.  Here's how Numbers 11:18 20 reads.  "The Lord will give you meat ... until it comes out of your nostrils because you have rejected the Lord and have wailed (complained) before Him "  What a picture.  Meat coming out of  their nostrils.  Of course that is a figure of speech.  The thing to note here is how God felt about Israel complaining.  He viewed "complaining" as "rejection".  Why would that be so?   When we complain we tell Jesus that we aren't content with how He is handing our lives.  This lack of contentment occurs because we fail to trust Jesus in the situation we're complaining about.  When we  don't trust Him, especially after we've given our lives to Him, God interprets that as "rejection", and so it is.  We are rejecting God's provision in the matter we are complaining about.  That sure puts a different light on complaining, don't you think?  


Paul tells us to "let the Word of Christ dwell in us richly" (Colossians 3:16).  If we let Numbers 11:20 dwell in us richly, that should put a dint in our complaining.  Of course, you have to read and study the Bible sufficiently enough to even know this Scripture exists and how God thinks on this issue.                   




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