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Necessary Socialism


In his 1970's book entitled "How Should We Then Live", Francis Schaeffer wrote that the time would come when the western world would freely exchange its freedom for personal peace and prosperity.  With this in mind, I remind you of the failed terrorist attempt over the skies of Michigan on Christmas day of 2009.  Another round of fear has struck America.  Fear is one of the terrorists most effective weapons.      


Schaeffer's words have almost come true.  Step by step the western world is giving up freedom because of this fear and also because of its love for the good life.  There are only so many steps to take towards the final surrender to a socialistic system.  Before we know it, the last step will be taken and we'll exchange the last bit of freedom we have for personal peace and prosperity.


The latest evidence of this exchange is seen in flights heading to the U. S..  If you need to use the bathroom in the last hour of the flight, you will be accompanied by an attendant who will keep an eye on you.  It's gotten that bad.  


In many airports people now stand in front of a "naked scanner".  The scanner sees through your clothing and puts an image of your naked body on a monitor.  What happens to your image after you pass by the scanner is  anyone's guess.  When asked if this is an invasion of personal privacy, most answer, "no".   Privacy issues mean nothing if you're dead. It's simple common sense.      


I believe satan is behind all these terrorist attacks.  I don't think satan is killing people in the sky just for the fun of it.  He loves to see us struck with fear, and that's not the fear of God.  It's the lack of fearing God that has gotten us into this mess in the first place.  When fear takes hold, we give up freedom to a satanic socialism in exchange for personal peace and prosperity. 


Once we're ready to hand over all our freedom, as we will, satan will enter a man who Christians call the anti-christ.  At this point, submitting ourselves and our nations to a superstar politician would be the logical and necessary thing to do.  If a man and a world system can maintain our personal peace and prosperity, we will gladly submit our freedoms to socialism.    


When I was young I couldn't figure out why anyone would submit to such a bad man as the anti-christ.    Well, I now know why.  Fear is the issue.  If you think about it in the light of present day events, submission to socialism makes sense.  We've already submitted in many respects.  If it's a matter of death or life without freedom, we'll take a freedomless life in exchange for peace, prosperity, financial stability, and safety.  The good life is the ultimate goal to this submission.   


Such emphasis on the good life shouldn't be the mentality of Christians.  We are to live according to  Biblical principles which we don't lay aside for the world's idea of the good life.  Besides, we'll find the good life in the next life.      


I hope I'm not around when the last exchange of freedom for peace and prosperity finally takes place.  I hope the pre-trib rapture people are right.  Until then, we're fast approaching a "necessary socialism" that will bring about the new world order and the end of this age, or so I think.  This is all in the plan of our Lord.  In this we should find comfort and hope, because our redemption is near.  In light of these things, let's stand for the Biblical truth as never before, that is, assuming we know and understand Biblical truth.  I'm not convinced I can assume that any more.               


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