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Something God Hates


The idea that God could possibly hate something is not socially and religiously correct these days.  If you look up the word "hate" in a Bible concordance, you'll soon find out that what isn't socially and religiously correct, certainly is Biblically correct.        


The apostle Paul said that not all Israelis were true Israelis. (Romans 9:6)  The same can be said about the church.  Not all groups claiming to be church are part of the church.


There's all sorts of groups that try to squeeze themselves under the umbrella of that which is called church.  They range from liberal groups to conservative groups, and a myriad of other groups in between.  Then, when it comes to the Sunday morning meetings of these groups, there's a marketplace of gatherings to choose from.  Whatever fits your fancy at any given time can be found on a Sunday morning. 


Some groups incorporate worship songs into their gatherings while others sing secular pop songs.  Some meetings are led by a gay pastor; others are led by a straight pastor.  Some gatherings are small; some are super-sized.  Some sermons teach that Jesus is God; others deny His divinity.  Some groups expect you to dress up in what was once called "your Sunday best"; others suggest you arrive in casual attire.  Some services are liturgical; others are free flowing.  Some gatherings are participatory while others are performance based.  Some meetings are interesting, while others are just down right boring.  There's a smorgasbord of groups calling themselves church, each having a distinct flavour to wet our religious appetite.  Most of these groups have little resemblance to New Testament teaching about church.   


Jesus despised the hypocrisy of the Jewish religious leaders of the day.  He had more compassion for the out and out sinner than He had for the religious hypocrites.  Of course, like many of us today, those hypocrites didn't view themselves as hypocrites.   


I'm sure you remember Jesus calling the Jewish religious leaders snakes, and other such names. (Matthew 23:33)  He got so upset that on a couple of occasions he knocked over the tables of commerce in the Jerusalem temple. (Mark 11:15)  It appears that Jesus did hate a few things.  Like Jesus, God was far from happy with the gatherings of Israel in the Old Testament.  We have His exact words recorded for us concerning this matter, and I warn you in advance, they're not flattering.    


By the time Amos was called by God to preach repentance and judgment to the northern kingdom of Israel , Israeli worship had become routine, traditional, and humanistic.  Worship was all about self gratification, not praise to the Lord.  If this wasn't bad enough, Israelis fused paganism with Judaism, much like some Evangelicals are fusing Christianity with other religions today.    


Amos 5:21 to 23 tells us how God viewed these Israeli gatherings.  I warn you, what you are about to read may not be suitable for the weak in faith.   God said, "I hate, I despise your religious feasts.  I cannot stand your assemblies.  Even though you bring me burnt offerings and grain offerings, I will not accept them away with the noise of your songs!  I will not listen to the music of your harps".  


The Lord's words are self explanatory.  God hates, even despises, adulterated, humanistic, and paganized worship services that pose as being godly or Christian, no matter how good the music and the singing is.  And, what does He say to those who promote and participate in such gatherings?  He says, "away with it all", or in my words,  "get lost".  Hopefully the Lord isn't saying this about the gatherings you attend.  My guess is that He's saying this, or something similar, more often than we think. 


I believe the prophets of God are calling that which is called church to repent, or else fall to the judgment of the Lord.   For some groups it's too late.  They've already fallen.  The "for sale" signs on their buildings show that to be true.  For others, there's still time to repent and turn to true Biblical worship.  


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