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Predestination Romans 8:29-30


The concept of God predestining anything, especially one's salvation, has split the church for centuries.  So the following is my understanding, and how I view the issue.  Others hold to the opposite view.  


I believe Romans 8:29 to 31 is a key Biblical passage, if not the key passage, that needs to be understood when thinking about predestination.  In this passage there are a progression of five words that Paul uses.  One word intentionally leads to the next word.  These words are, foreknew, predestined, called, justified, and glorified.  These words aren't just in random order.  Paul has placed them in a specific chronological order.


The text says that those God foreknew, He predestined, those He predestined He called, those He called He justified, and those He justified He glorified.  


God foreknowing something is easy to figure out.  He simply knows things in advance.  He does not exist in our earthly space and time.  God foreknew every man and woman that ever has, or ever will, walk on this planet. 


Those God foreknew, He predestined.  Predestined is the word we all struggle over.  The Greek word "proorizo" is translated into English in the NIV as "predestined".  Part of the pool of meanings for "proorizo" is the idea of "predetermining" something.  I personally prefer the word "predetermine" over the word "predestine".  So this is how I view "predestine" in this passage.  God foreknew all mankind, and He "predestined" or, "predetermined", that all He foreknew, that's all of mankind, should be saved.  Simply put. God's predetermined choice was to save everyone. 


Those God predetermined to salvation, He called.  Since God predetermined that everyone should be saved, one way or another, He calls everyone to salvation.  Simply put, "all mankind is invited to come to Him and be saved".


Part of the process of God calling people that the New Testament clearly states, but not so stated in this passage, is that one must repent and hand his life over to Jesus in order to be saved, or, as the next word says, "to be justified".  Repentance and faith is part of the call of God.  He calls us to repent and believe.


After one hears the call from God, and if he repents and hands his life over to Jesus, then he is justified, or, saved.  Therefore, not all who God foreknew and predetermined are saved.  Only those who respond to His call appropriately are saved, or, justified.


Finally, those who are justified are glorified.  God speaks well of those who are justified.  He views them as He views the Lord Jesus Himself.  Therefore those who are justified receive all the glorious benefits of being a son of God.


In conclusion, the word "predestine" in Biblical terms at least from my view point, means that God predetermined that all people should be saved, yet all aren't saved because all do not meet the conditions of salvation which is repentance and faith.




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