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Can Man Heal His Own Sick Body?


My answer to the above question presupposes my Christian mindset that is based on as literal of an interpretation of the Bible as is possible.  I've been a student of the Bible for 40 plus years.  I've often listened to both sides of many issues, have seriously studied these issues for myself, and have reached my own conclusion. I am not the type of person who merely accepts what he is taught.


To begin, I almost died at the age of 5.  I was in Sick Children's Hospital, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  At times I was in  a coma like state, suffering with Juvenile Diabetes.  My mother was a Christian my father wasn't.  In the basement of a house, a few of my mother's Christian friends laid hands on me one Sunday morning.  I remember the event to this day.  They prayed that Jesus would heal me of a deadly form of Diabetes.  My dad, not yet a Christian, sat back and hoped for the best.   


There was no doubt that I had Diabetes.  I still have a letter from the doctor stating so.  I was in and out of that hospital a number of times until one last time after my mother's friends prayed that Jesus would make my sick body better.


Upon being examined by the doctors in Toronto after the above time of prayer, they concluded, I had no trace of Juvenile Diabetes.  The head doctor of the hospital, and I remember that hospital too, concluded this was a miracle.  I'm not sure the doctors attributed this miracle to Jesus, but my dad did.  He was at that prayer meeting.  My dad subsequently gave his life to Jesus. 


I think it's only logical to conclude that this miracle was performed by Jesus.  I clearly had no ability to heal myself at the age of 5.  I see no conclusive evidence of anyone else having such ability.  Those praying for me weren't claiming any such ability.  They were simple people asking Jesus for a supernatural healing.     


Many Christians claim they have been healed.  I'm not convinced that all such claimed healings are real.  I have known of many Christians who "claim healing by faith".  In the process of saying they are healed, they claim to be healed, even though the physical evidence proves otherwise.  I also know that Christians at times claim supernatural healing out of  pure enthusiasm.  That however, does not negate the facts that others are truly healed as a result of praying to Jesus.


Personally speaking, I have seen few healings that one could call "really supernatural'.  This too does not negate the fact that Jesus can't heal.  Other than my own healing, the next biggest healing I saw Jesus perform was in a friend who had been given weeks to live.  She had abdominal cancer so bad that she looked 9 months pregnant.  After much prayer by many, the cancer supernaturally left her.  That was in 1974 and she is still alive today in 2011.  Logic tells me that after praying in the name of Jesus, Jesus indeed healed her.  On her own, she had little mental ability at the time to heal herself.  There is no evidence that positive thinking, or any kind of psychic activity, made that cancer disappear. 


In both my healing and my friends healing, we prayed that Jesus would be the source of healing.  That being said, why would we conclude that He wasn't the source of the healing.  


I don't have to quote Scripture for this.  Everyone knows the Bible claims that Jesus can heal, if it is His desire to do so.    


Such healing as I have described above could only be classified as "supernatural" in my thinking. There is of course natural healing of certain illnesses through modern medicine.  I don't discount that.  You have a headache; you take a pill; the pain goes away.  Logic doesn't suggest that Jesus took the headache away, although some Christians suggest that Jesus gave the doctors and the scientists the ability to produce the pill.  This would be based on the fact that God created us in His likeness and image, (Genesis 1:26) meaning, we are creative beings like Himself. 


If God created us in His likeness and image, then some might suggest we have the ability in ourselves to heal ourselves.  If you accept the premise that there is a God, and that He did create us in His likeness and image, then you must accept the Genesis account that states we fell from that state in which God originally crated us.  Mankind's fall from what he once was makes it impossible for us to attain any kind of supernatural ability that is beyond human ability to heal ourselves. 


Our fallen bodies do have the capacity to heal certain things.  If you have a cut in your finger, your body will take care of that.  What our bodies can't take care of is removing a massive ball of cancer, or taking away a disease like Juvenile Diabetes.  


The Bible states that we have two sources of entering into the sphere of the supernatural, where supernatural healing can be found.  We enter through God or the devil. The devil, although being a created being, lives in a sphere of the supernatural that we do not live in. 


I have personally seen supernatural activity in people that was motivated by demons.  How do I know this activity was demonic?  Those in whom the activity took place was completely out of self control, and they weren't on drugs.  Also, the nature of the activity made it clear that Jesus wasn't causing the activity.  If it wasn't Jesus or the person causing the activity, only demons are left as the source.


There is Biblical evidence that satan and demons can influence or even control humans.  The apostle Paul tells us that the anti-Christ will perform deceiving miracles. (2 Thess. 2:9)   The NIV uses the term "counterfeit" miracles in this verse.  The KJV uses the words "lying wonders".  Although some might suggest that satan or demons can't perform miracles, I suggest they can.  I suggest that the miracles performed by the "man of sin" as stated by Paul in 2 Thess. 2 are real, and meant to deceive.   


Remember, the perspective in which I am writing is a Biblical based perspective.  There is no Biblical evidence that a human can heal himself by simply thinking healing into existence as modern new age thinkers and mystics suggest.  


Besides, knowing the Bible simply speaks of two sources of physical healing, Jesus and the devil, I have personally seen no one who has healed himself.  I cannot personally know that claims of healing that I see on TV or the internet are actually valid, whether New Age or Christian.  So, if a non-Christian tells me that he has healed himself through some kind of psychic experience, I can only conclude such healing is demonic. 


I realize that what I have said will change no one's mind who doesn't want his mind to be changed.  The term "closed minded" is often used for people like me.  But those who refuse to think seriously about what I have just said are just as closed minded.  That being said, I see no real problem with being closed minded after one has seriously thought the issue through.  Once finding what I believe is the truth, why would I want to change my mind.  Such vacillating suggests a lack of serious thought.  


I am open to hearing other view points.  I do however have the intellectual good sense to screen what comes into my mind.  I filter all I hear through Biblical truth because the Bible and Jesus have proved themselves sufficiently to me that both are the filter by which all issues are processed in my thinking.       




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