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2012 Doomsday


I recently watched a video entitled "2012 Doomsday", produced by Faith Films.  Faith Films might be a Christian organization, although if they are, you wouldn't know it from this movie or their web site.  Their mission as stated on their web site is to "promote their positive message to the largest possible audience."  For this reason many Christians and groups soften the gospel in order to make it more palatable to more people.  Such a gospel is not the Biblical gospel.  You can read what the apostle Paul says about tampering with the gospel in Galatians 1:6 - 8. 


The main story line to the movie concerns "pop culture's" take on the Mayan religious calendar.  The Mayan religion predicts a re-alignment of our social and material world.  After a series of major calamities, we will enter a new age of peace and tranquility.  The date for this convergence, as it's called, is in December 2012, although some Mayans dispute that. 


If Faith Films is Christian, it disturbs me to think they'd promote an unbiblical, and even demonic view of end time events.  This is not meant to be an educational documentary of the Mayan religion.  If it was, I wouldn't be disturbed.  I'm always interested in learning what other people believe about things.  The film is to be  a tool to promote Faith Films positive message.  I'm just not sure what that message is.


 Some people might suggest there is sufficient Christian content in the movie to lead people to Jesus.  That's not true.  The movie spoke only of "God", or should I say the Mayan "god".  The name of Jesus was mentioned once.  His title Christ was mentioned once.  There was some vague allusion to a rapture that non-Christians would be confused about, if they caught it in the first place.  The gospel of Jesus that requires people to repent and hand their lives over to the Lord Jesus Christ is nowhere to be seen in the film. 


The thing that disturbed me most goes beyond the movie itself.  Many Biblically illiterate Christians will watch this movie, enjoy it, and feel no tinge of disturbance.  If this was a Hollywood production I wouldn't be disturbed, but it's not.  If Faith Films is a Christian production company, then Christians should be disturbed that Christians would produce this movie in the way they did.  Many fail to be disturbed over such things because they don't take Biblical truth seriously.      


In Exodus 32 Israel worshipped a gold calf.  They learned this form of worship from polytheistic paganism they saw while living in Egypt.  Most civilizations back then, if not all, believed in more than one God.  That's what polytheism is, and that's why the first commandment stated that Israel should have  no other gods besides Yahweh Elohim.  Israel ignored both the first and second command by incorporating paganism into the worship of  the only true God.  


God "burned with anger" because Israel paganized  worship to Him (Exodus 32:10).  Moses had to intercede on behalf of Israel so God wouldn't destroy them.  Ironically, after seeing the calf worship for himself, Moses also "burned with anger" and had 3,000 Israelis killed.  That's how disturbed he was.  Moses did what He pleaded with God not to do.    


The problem with this calf worship was that Israel incorporated it into the worship of Yahweh Elohim.  Such a mixture disturbed God back then, and it still does today.  Many Christians and churches are doing the same today by adopting worldly and other religious practices and philosophies into Christian worship.  When the church embraces, and even promotes, worldly and pagan philosophies, we border on  polytheism.  We commit "spiritual adultery" by uniting ourselves with other gods.  This is what "2012 Doomsday" seems to do in my thinking.  "If" Faith Films is Christian, they've taken the Mayan religion, mixed it with their Christian faith to produce a product that is acceptable "to the largest possible audience."  This mixture by Christians should disturb us. 


Both God and Moses burned with "righteous anger" because Israel adopted pagan worship.  I suggest that Christians should be "righteously angry" when we see similar things happening in the church today.  I'm not suggesting we go on a killing rampage as Moses did, but some things should disturb us.  It's God's job to judge and punish.  It's our job to proclaim the truth of the gospel without softening it.  We simply state the Biblical truth.  People everywhere must repent of their sinful lifestyle and hand their lives over to the Lord Jesus Christ, something "2012 Doomsday" says nothing about. 



Post script  I'm not saying Faith Films doesn't have some good quality films.  They're a professional production company.  I'm just disturbed that a film like this is produced by Christians, assuming they are Christian.  See for yourself.  You can visit Faith Films at http://www.faithfilms.cc/




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